Gedex History

Built on Success

As active board members in the resource industry, Gedex founders recognized the need to improve the certainty of resource discovery, and so assembled the best and brightest team from industry, scientific resarch and academia to develop its proprietary, game-changing technology. The result is a patented technology that radically transforms the discovery, qualification and development of resources.

Gedex is a privately owned Canadian corporation that is incorporated in the Province of British Columbia.

Our founders have been part of the establishment and growth of a number of world class leading technology initiatives that transformed their respective industries. These include IMAX, a publicly traded company with global operations, and Sciex, now part of AB Sciex. These companies have received numerous awards and accolades for their achievements including the Order of Canada to our founders, and a Special Achievement Award at the 2005 PDAC for the impact Sciex’s technology has had on the mining industry.


Bill Breukelman

William A. (Bill) Breukelman has owned, founded and funded numerous businesses in the high technology field, with particular interest in information systems and imaging. He is a pioneer in imaging, having been a principal and later Chairman of IMAX Corporation from 1970 to 1995. Under his and his partners’ leadership, IMAX grew into a global entertainment company with production and distribution of over 100 films and 100 theatre operations in 18 countries. 

Bill was a co-founder and former President of Sciex Corporation, a provider of high speed and ultra-trace analytical instrumentation with yearly sales exceeding $600 million. Sciex has become a core asset of MDS Inc., a health and management company with a market capitalization of $2 billion.

As Chairman and principal of Business Arts Inc., a high-tech incubation and investment firm, he supports its funding and co-development activities. Business Arts is committed to the creation and development of transforming corporations focused upon building sustainable and breakthrough shareholder value. Its investment interests include MDS SCIEX (a molecular imaging company), Arius3D (a surface imaging company), Cedara Software (a medical imaging company), as well as GEDEX™ (a geological imaging and discovery company).

Bill has a long history with the oil business and has been a director of a number of junior exploration companies. He is currently a director of Fortune Minerals, an exploration and development company focused upon the assembly and development of high quality mineral and energy resource assets.

Dr. Barry French

Barry French has had an outstanding career as an aerospace instrumentation scientist.  As a professor of the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies, he and his research group were involved in the development and calibration of the successful Project Viking Martian Atmosphere Mass Spectrometer.  This expertise in atmospheric compositional measurements evolved into the first practical demonstrations of atmospheric pressure chemical ionization mass spectrometry, which in turn led to the founding along with Bill Breukelman of Sciex Inc., now MDS Inc., a market leader world-wide in organic mass spectroscopy.

As an academic and entrepreneur, Barry has long been an advocate of university/industry interactions, and has served as such on provincial and federal advisory groups, notably the Science Council of Canada.  He has numerous publications, patents and awards, including membership in the Order of Canada, the country’s highest civilian medal.  As one of the founders of Gedex, he provided senior level scientific input and advice.


Gedex HD-AGG™

The Gedex HD-AGG TM: A patented technology that will radically transform the discovery, qualification
and development of resources.