Annual expenditures in mineral exploration have sky-rocketed from a pre-2005 base of roughly $3B to nearly $20B in 2011. Due to increasing scarcity of deposits and depth of burial, the success of exploration has decreased and the average cost of discovery therefore increased. Contributing to these diminishing returns are dated exploration technologies that have been in use for many decades.

The Gedex HD-AGG™ will provide a new discovery vector that can be used in conjunction with existing data to discover and define a large range of base metals, precious metals (including gold) and industrial minerals.

Density is the single physical property most indicative of economic ore deposits and the Gedex HD-AGG™ responds directly to changes in subsurface density to provide valuable data for identifying economic mineral deposits based upon density profile. High quality gravity gradiometry data, used in conjunction with magnetic data, provides a powerful tool for mapping geology, structure and other elements critical for targeting resources.

Our strategic relationships with world class exploration companies such as Cliffs Natural Resources, De Beers, Anglo American, and Rio Tinto have allowed us to develop the tools and expertise to successfully serve the mineral industry.


“Huge ore bodies are themselves the product of even vaster systems, often 500 kilometers wide by 120 kilometers deep, in which movement in the crust, heat and fluid flows combined to concentrate and trap minerals in particular places.” (CSIRO)

Gedex HD-AGG™

The Gedex HD-AGG TM: A patented technology that will radically transform the discovery, qualification
and development of resources.