As existing reservoirs become depleted the petroleum industry is forced to explore in deeper and more challenging environments. The seismic method is the cornerstone of petroleum exploration and in these environments the cost increases and the effectiveness decreases. Incorporating the Gedex HD-AGG™ data in the seismic workflow will reduce the time and cost to discovery and the exploration risk in a variety of situations as follows;

Reconnaissance phase exploration

  • Will provide early reconnaissance information at a fraction of the cost of seismic data and can provide continuity of mapping between widely spaced seismic profiles.
  • Rapidly acquire data over environmentally sensitive areas or where land access issues can present difficulties – focusing where seismic surveys should be conducted or in some cases leading directly to drilling locations.

Improve geologic models in challenging seismic environments

  • When used in conjunction with seismic data the Gedex HD-AGG™ system can image base of salt and sub-salt and sub-basalt features greatly improving the seismic velocity model.
  • Explore other challenging environments such as transition zones (between marine and land (i.e. shallow or swampy water) where seismic is extremely difficult and expensive) in a more cost effective manner.
  • Enable near-surface characterization reducing interference from these features in land seismic data.

Revitalize existing data

Enhance and improve the interpretation of existing and new seismic databases by improving velocity model in seismically challenging areas.

New technology and multi-disciplinary approaches are increasingly required to discover reserves and improve the success of expensive exploration and development drilling. Gedex technology complements seismic, electromagnetic, and other data, to fundamentally improve decision making. Investments in technologies that lead to improved imaging are extremely valuable as they improve drill placement, reduce overall exploration costs, and increase the likelihood of discovery.

Gedex HD-AGG™

The Gedex HD-AGG TM: A patented technology that will radically transform the discovery, qualification
and development of resources.