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HD-AGG™ Technology

Gedex delivers immense value by reducing risk of exploration, fast-tracking best prospects and ultimately accelerating discovery success rates by providing mass and density information at a quality that no other geophysical system can. We can transform resource discovery and development by illuminating previously undetectable economic deposits. Our technology assists in detecting and defining important subsurface structures that, in combination with existing imaging techniques, create substantial value through costs savings and discoveries.

The Gedex high definition airborne gravity gradiometry data (HD-AGG™) is the most significant new technology capable of transforming resource discovery to be developed in over twenty years. The HD-AGG™ system measures minute changes in the strength and direction of the Earth’s gravity field, to performance levels better than 1Eotvos (E)/√Hz, from a fixed wing aircraft.

The cost effective imaging derived from this data maps changes in the subsurface geology, ranging from the near surface features to depths in the orders of kilometers. This new exploration data can be used either alone or quantitatively integrated with other geophysical imaging technologies (seismic, electromagnetics, magnetics) as well as integrated with legacy data to detect buried resources that current generations of technology cannot effectively image. Integration with HD-AGG™ data also improves other technologies, enabling a new generation of risk mitigation best practices to evolve. As a result, Gedex clients can rely on faster discoveries with lower project time, cost and risk.

Gravity Gradient 101

Gedex HD-AGG™

The Gedex HD-AGG TM: A patented technology that will radically transform the discovery, qualification
and development of resources.